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village Kashino
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Pine Creek Golf Club

Welcome to the Pine Creek Golf Resort, the first and the only worldclass 18-hole golf course in the Urals. The venue is located 25 km off Yekaterinburg in the Sysertsky District of Sverdlovskaya Oblast. The course was designed by a famous English architect Paul Tomas. The golf resort was officially opened in May 2013. In 2015 it was registered as a sports object of the Russian Federation Ministry of Sports.

Total area covers 147 ha, of which 75 ha is a golf course itself with 59 sand bunkers and 15 water hazards located on smart lawns. It is very difficult to remain aloof when you see these emerald open spaces that fit harmoniously into a natural landscape described by a famous Ural writer P.Bazhov and that are considered to be one of the most environmentally benign Ural areas. Welcome to Pine Creek Golf Resort! Try the most aristocratic sports in the world!

Join the club
Joining the Pine Creek Golf Resort Club is an exclusive privilege that is your passport to the world of golf connoisseurs!

Aristocratic traditions, friendly atmosphere and positive emotions make an essential part of the Club life of the Ural golf resort.

Golf Academy

Creek Golf Resort invites those who would like to know how to play this most aristocratic sports to join our Golf Academy. At our Golf Academy you can choose individual or group lessons with a professional instructor.