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Golf Academy

Golf is a game that can be mastered endlessly. Even an experienced golfer from time to time needs some training with a golf instructor who can advise a better approach to trainings, help with this or that stroke and explain how to cope with a hazard.

Pine Creek Golf Resort invites those who would like to know how to play this most aristocratic sports to join our Golf Academy.

At our Golf Academy you can choose individual or group lessons with a professional instructor.

Our Golf School for children will keep them fit and make them learn the basics. Join us today and you won’t wait long for your first results: 10-15 lessons and you will be a golf course star and hit putting strokes.
Sign up for golf clinics at +7 343 287 40 04.

Golf Academy


Golf is quite a difficult game in terms of mechanics. Thus, it is very important to develop right skills from the very beginning. That is why it is better to start trainings with a professional instructor.

Individual lessons

Sign up for an individual lesson with our professional instructor to improve your skill level and to feel more confident before stepping into a 18-hole golf course.

Children's school

Our Golf School for children was opened in the beginning of June as part of our Golf Club.

At the moment about 40 children from Yekaterinburg, Sysert and Pervouralsk attend our clinics for children.

We offer clinics for three age categories (8-10 years, 10-12 years and 12-14 years). Two-hour trainings take place at a worldclass golf course 3 times a week.

All necessary equipment is provided by the Club. Free lessons will take place in accordance with the Programme approved by Russian Golf Association.

Детская школа Pine Creek Golf Resort